Mean and Green

Okay…it’s not really mean, but it sure is green!!!

I was feeling a little hungry and it had been almost 4 hours since I last had some juice so I thought I’d make another one. This time I decided to make a green juice. I got all the ingredients ready and prepped (forgive the photos, my camera battery died so I had to use the cell phone).

I cleaned up and then got to juicing! I don’t have a fancy juicer, in fact, one of my co-workers gave it to me. She said she found it at either a garage sale or at Good Will, I can’t remember. As there is no brand name on the unit, it’s definitely not high-class technology, but it gets the job done.

1 large cucumber
1 bunch of kale
1/2 lemon
4 stalks celery
thin piece ginger
2 small fugi apples

The Verdict:

This juice tastes okay.  It definitely needs to be chilled though—so I add a few ice cubes.  I don’t know that I could drink this warm.  It also tastes very cucumber-y.  As someone who isn’t partial to cucumber…at all!, this is a little hard to drink.  I think it would grow on me though.  After drinking only 1/2 the glass, I already am starting to feel full.  I have another glass in the fridge as well, so this really makes a lot of juice!  My tummy feels a little funny, but I’ll give it awhile and see how it feels.

Note to self: Next time use less cucumber! YUCK!


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