Green Sludge

I slept in today!  It was really nice to lay in bed and just feel completely relaxed.  Once I finally stumbled out of bed and decided to start my day, it was time to go to the grocery store.  I’ve been going through so many veggies and fruits lately that it seems I have to go to the store every couple days.  Juicing is expensive!  Since Tuesday I have spent roughly $50 dollars just on produce.  I should have enough stored up now to last me until Wednesday, maybe Thursday.

I started out today with a juice I’d like to call “green sludge.”  It looked disgusting, although I don’t think the photo makes it look as gross as it actually was.

It was made using green apple, kale, 1/2 cucumber, celery, 1/2 lemon, disc of ginger, pear and carrot.  The taste wasn’t super bad, but it was maybe a little bitter.  I hope I can find a green juice that I would love to drink soon!   I’ll have to search the web for some good recipes.

I enjoyed stomached the juice along side a simple salad dressed in balsamic.


I also made another juice to take along for work tonight.  I’ll be taking the remainder of the green sludge but I wanted something a little sweeter as well.  Its Sunday, and Sunday means treats at work!  Actually, everyday there are treats at work, but nothing like what will probably be there today.   I threw some fruits, a beet, and a little ginger in the juicer.

green apple, pear, gala apple, small beet, disc of ginger

This combo turned out pretty good on the initial taste test.  I really prefer the juice cold, so I’ll have to let you know how it was when I get home from work.  It was a very pretty color, which I think makes it look more appetizing.  I also added a little (4oz) coconut water to this juice so that it made a full 16oz.  I sure hope this can keep me from snacking tonight and that it will curb my sweet tooth!


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