Rumbly Rumbly in my Tummy!

Long day! I had to work a morning shift today, which I don’t usually do. I had brought some fresh apple juice to work for breakfast and a gorgeous salad with blackberry ginger balsamic/olive oil vinaigrette. I was really excited about it, but in the morning I was so hungry (was I really? or was it mostly habit?) I ordered an egg omelette with sausage from the work cafeteria. Total calories for the omelette were approximately 400. I wasn’t feeling too bad about the decision because I knew that it would fit in with my daily allowances (although, it wasn’t juiced). It tasted okay, but it made me extremely sick! When I got back from break, the pains in my stomach were so terrible I could hardly handle it. I felt really disgusting and nauseous. I’m sitting here 14 hours later, and my stomach is still pissed at me.

I ended up just having water for lunch and believe it or not it left me craving my green juice. I’m not sure if the omelette was cooked funky, or if she used too much oil to cook the sausage. Maybe it was the meat, I don’t know. It left me wondering if my body was beginning to feel “happy” that I wasn’t overloading it with junk, and this was it’s reaction to my impulsive decision to eat things I had been avoiding. Maybe it was telling me that it liked the idea of being fed veggies and fruits, that it was excited that I wasn’t feeding it sugar, dairy and meat. I’m not sure exactly what it was trying to tell me, but I did get the message that it was pissed off!

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m looking forward to moving forward. I work tomorrow evening but get Monday off to relax with my husband. I think we may go see a new Hindi movie…I’ll just have to make sure to stay away from the samosas at the concession stand. This will definitely be a test of my willpower!


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