I’m a bad blogger!…and Dinner at Zzest

A couple nights ago my lovely husband took me and my bestie, Summer, out for dinner.  Summer was in town for school and we hadn’t gotten together in awhile, so we decided to go out for dinner.  Living in Rochester, there really aren’t that many choices.  Well, there are, but I don’t like most of the restaurants.  I’m definitely a very judgmental diner.  If I’m going out for dinner and I’m paying a lot of money…I want to enjoy it.  I want to be impressed with the food.  This means that places like “The Olive Garden”, “Old Country Buffet” (GROSS!) and “Applebees” are out.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say I hate those restaurants.  I cringe every time one of my friends suggests going there.  Call me pretentious if you will, but I like real, good food.  I hate knowing that a lot of the desserts, sauces and breads you order are actually previously frozen and were shipped cross country for some “chef” to simply thaw, heat and serve.  I was going back and forth between a couple restaurants and couldn’t make up my mind.  Piyush suggested Zzest.  I agreed.

Zzest:  My personal favorite restaurant in Rochester.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.  I never feel like I overpaid for my dinner when I eat here.  They have a fantastic menu that changes everyday based on what local ingredients they have.  I think the secret of their success is that the chefs get complete creative control.  They don’t have to follow old recipes but can instead change everything up.  Summer had never ate here before, so we all decided we’d get the Chefs 4 course tasting menu.  It’s almost like an “Iron Chef” type challenge for the chefs.  I really thought we’d end up with 4 things off the current menu, but we didn’t.  They made different things and made it all flow really well together.  We also got a wonderful bottle of wine—I believe it was a Malbec.

Guys, I’m a terrible blogger!!!  I forgot to take pictures!!!!  I had brought my camera with me but forgot to take it out of my purse. I wish you could see how pretty this food was!

1st course:  arugula salad with fresh figs, blue cheese, almonds, prosciutto and a raspberry balsamic.

2nd course:  Bouillabaisse (this is AMAZING! I asked for the recipe and the chef came to the table and told me how to make it, hopefully you’ll see it here soon)

3rd course: Braised lamb with a pomegranate sauce over cous cous with a yogurt herb sauce

4th course:  Apricots 3 ways.  Apricot infused whipped cream sprinkled with an apricot sugar.  Dried apricot dipped in dark chocolate.  Puff pastry with layers of apricot preserves.

Next time, I promise photos!


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