Busy as a Bee…errrr…Hornet.

Finally, I had a day off from work today!  I used it wisely too, if I do say so.  I slept in (this felt nice!), Bought new running shoes, did some thrifting, nearly killed myself at the gym, did some laundry and I made a pretty good dinner (although the broccoli had to be sacrificed).

This morning after I woke up and got ready I took a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  They used to have this really awesome shoe insurance program that I took as much advantage of as I could.  Basically you buy a pair of running shoes.  You pay an extra $10-$20 dollars to put the insurance on the shoes.  Once the shoes are worn out, in about 3 months, you call up the insurance company, they send you a label and you send the shoes back to them.  They then send you a gift check to Dick’s for the full purchase price (including tax if there was any).  You can use this towards your next pair of shoes and just pay the premium again—or you can use it towards whatever you want.  Unfortunately they stopped doing this program Jan. 2011.  I still had a gift check left over and I desperately needed a new pair of shoes.  I wear the Asics Glycerin.  I have high arches and roll outwards if I don’t have the correct shoes along with my orthodics and out of all the shoes I’ve tried these seem best.  It seems that every year the new model is different though.  I wanted last years model…and it was on sale!  Only 80 bucks.  That meant that I had almost 60 bucks left over.  I could have been a good wife and I could have given it to my husband to buy some more golf crap, or I could have saved it to use towards my next pair of shoes…but I do either of those things! Nooo, I bought myself a brand new yoga mat!  I’ve been eying this baby up for the past year but couldn’t really justify spending 75 dollars on a yoga mat when the gym provides top quality ones for free, also I don’t really exercise at home. But now that I only had to spend $25, it didn’t seem so bad.  I don’t even know if I could get one at Target for that much?

Anyway, I got the Manduka Prolite in navy blue.  I love these mats.  We have Manduka Pros at the gym—the only difference is mine is just a tiny bit thinner.  I hope it inspires me to attend yoga more often.  I feel so good when I practice, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.  I think its because I’m lazy.  Actually, I’m pretty sure its because I’m lazy.  I’ll have to work on that…

Wow, its getting late and I work at 5:45 tomorrow morning, so I’m going to make the rest of this short and sweet.


$12 This is perfect for my entry way!!! Now, What color to paint it?!

I was so excited about this dresser that I promptly tore off the handles and started sanding her down before I realized I should take a photo.  I have high hopes for this makeover!  I also got a neat shaped wilton bundt pan ($4).  I didn’t have a bundt pan and thought maybe I should.  I also got a baguette pan ($2) and some giant blue mason jars ($2 ea.).  No photos of that stuff though—they’re in the dishwasher!

While I was sanding down the dresser I spotted something weird going on inside of our outside light.  Ha! That sounds weird.  Anyway, I got a little closer to see what it was and this is what I saw:

It freaked me out!  I know it shouldn’t because its just doing its normal thing for survival, but my husband swells up so big from hornet/bee bites that we just can’t have something like that around such a high traffic area.  I feel really terrible, but I went to Menards and got some spray to take care of it.  Is that normal to feel so bad?  I don’t know, but I do.

Then I went to the gym for a cable class…it was HARD!  I haven’t been getting to the gym much this summer and this work out really proved it!  I can’t believe how out of shape I’ve gotten in such a short time.  Paula, the instructor, told me that I’ll get back in the groove really quick because of muscle memory.  I hope so!

After Piyush and I got home from the gym he put the chicken that I had been marinating on the grill while I took a shower.  When we’re really busy and know we won’t have a lot of time, we love to grill out.  I get it prepared in the morning and then it’s ready to cook by the time our day has settled down.  I bought an Amish raised chicken (these are amazing! Not too fatty and they have amazing flavor) and I sprayed it with olive oil.  I shoved an onion and some garlic in the cavity and then salted with pink Himalayan sea salt.  I ground pepper all over it and then sprinkled Herbes de Provence all over it too.  There’s something about lavender.  I’m obsessed.

Anyway, we stood it up on a can of 7up and roasted it in the grill at 35o degrees.  I think my husband takes it out when the temp of the bird is around 165 degrees. Its the tastiest, juiciest bird you’ll ever eat!

Just off the grill! I tied the legs to make it look a little more modest for the photo.

While Piyush was tending to the poultry, I was making some mushroom and thyme couscous.  This stuff turned out awesome!  I didn’t really write down the recipe, but I used something like:

  • 2c. homemade chicken stock
  • 3 sprigs fresh thyme
  • kosher salt
  • ground black pepper
  • pinch saffron
  • 1.5 c. couscous
  • a big package of mushrooms that were on their last life
  • fresh garlic
  • a little olive oil for cooking the mushrooms

I threw the mushrooms in a pan and sauted them in a little olive oil.  Once they cooked down a little I threw in the garlic and salted/peppered everything.  I added the thyme and let it mingle a little while.  I turned the heat off and set them aside.  Then I boiled the chicken stock and added the saffron to let it steep.  Meanwhile I put the couscous and the mushrooms in a big plastic bowl and mixed them together.   Once the broth got hot enough, I dumped it on the couscous and covered everything with plastic wrap.  It was done perfectly in less than 5 minutes!

I was going to steam broccoli too, but the stuff that we got from the farmers market had little green wormy things and I couldn’t rinse them all off.  It grossed me out, so it went into compost.

Believe me, It tasted better than it looked!!!

Goodnight now!!!


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