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!ncredible India! Photos From My Trip Abroad

Piyush and I returned from India just in time for Thanksgiving, which also happened to be my 27th birthday (….man! I’m getting old!).  I had such incredible jet lag and a very sore and swollen foot from all the traveling that I wasn’t even remotely excited to cook.  I had a lot of fun ideas of dishes to share with my family on Thanksgiving but I had no energy to complete them.  I threw together a pear, apple, cranberry crisp and a quick gingerbread pumpkin trifle.  I don’t really feel like blogging about those though.  I want to show you India!!!

I didn’t take many photos of the food we ate.  Surprisingly it was very similar to the food we get at our local Indian restaurant, The India Curry House, in south Rochester—as long as the owner, Om is cooking.  I also ate a lot of homemade Bengali cuisine.  My mother-in-law is a very good cook and she made sure we always had something warm, spicy and delicious in our bellies.  …Oh! and the sweets!  Bengali sweets are amazing!!!  As much as my taste buds love the food of India, my stomach doesn’t quite agree. My stomach felt a little queasy and upset for much of our trip, which made really enjoying the food a little difficult.  It wasn’t the water and it wasn’t the spice.  It was the milk!  I’m very sensitive to milk. I was even told by the doctors when I was young that I was allergic.  I sometimes break out in hives but most of the time it just really pisses off my stomach.  At home I use soy and although you can get soymilk in India…it’s just not the same.  And it would be really hard for the restaurants and sweet shops to accommodate, I’m sure.  There were a couple days that the only thing I could stomach was toast.  How sad is that?!

I was so desperate for a salad—the Indian salad, although quite tasty, is quite different from the lettuce and veggie salads we have here in the States.  In fact, I don’t think I saw a head of lettuce or romaine anywhere!  So imagine how excited I was when Piyush and I went out to dinner at this fabulous outdoor restaurant in Jaipur and I saw “Chicken Caesar Salad” on the menu.  I was never more excited for a plate of lettuce in my entire life, and probably will never be again.  Now, imagine my disappointment when they put this in front of me:

I promptly put the eggs of Piyush’s plate (I don’t like hard boiled eggs!) and then took a good look at it.  It was good, yes.  But it was shredded, cooked cabbage with a very Chinese taste.  I ate it, and Piyush and I got a good laugh about the Indianization of the Chicken Caesar Salad.  My stomach was not satisfied though.

Now, how about some photos?!?!

I won’t really say much about them, but if you have any questions about something you see, let me know in the comments!!!

bridge over the Ganges

The Golden Temple

Sunrise at Tiger Hill, up in the foothills of the Himalayas

Pouring Rain in Kolkata, evening at the markets

DiwaliPiyush lighting rockets for Diwali

The one and only non-western style toilet I had to use


Maa and Baba (Piyush's mom and dad)

marigold fields

I hope you enjoyed my photos!  I took about 2500, so this is only a very small idea of what I saw!

I can’t wait to visit India again, soon—I hope!

To see some more photos, you can check out my online album.

India 2011 (Darjeeling, Kolkata, Agra, Delhi and Jaipur)
India 2011 (Amritsar, Kolkata)

Now, I’ve got to head to work!  Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!