Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

I like pretty things.

I like pretty things even more if they’re inexpensive!  I mean, really?  Who doesn’t love a deal?  With the holidays upon us, I wanted a wreath for our front door.  I didn’t want just a plain evergreen wreath though, I wanted something with some pizazz!

I found a bunch of ideas online…and planned on making a marshmallow holiday wreath.  I went to both Hobby Lobby and Michaels but had no luck finding a wreath form.  Sure, I did find one at Michaels…but they wanted like 11 bucks for a piece of styrofoam.  Call me cheap.  I don’t care.  I’m not spending 11 bucks for a piece of styrofoam.  No way. If I did that, by the time the wreath was done it would end up costing me a fortune…and it would probably just be cheaper to buy a pre-made one in the first place (can you believe the prices of holiday wreaths? INSANE!).  So, feeling a little defeated, I decided to check Goodwill.  I mean, what can’t you find at Goodwill?!

As soon as I walked in the door I promptly headed towards all the fake, plastic flowers.  Hiding behind a bunch of dusty daisies and a straw garland I found a perfect styrofoam wreath form.  It was covered with junk, LOTS of junk…but I saw potential.  I also spotted a giant bag of “holiday” pine cones with some leaves and small flowers added in for good measure.  Since everything holiday was 50% off, I scored the wreath and the pine cones for 5 bucks. Awesome!

I took my finds home and got to work.  I tore all the junk off the wreath and trashed it, it wasn’t worth saving.  Then, I grabbed the hot glue gun and got to gluing!   I covered the whole wreath as good as I could with the pine cones and then stuck a few random twigs and leaves (notice the bay leaves?!)  in just to add a little depth—or something like that!  Once everything was how I liked it, I sprayed it very, very quickly with some white spray paint…to mimic snow!  Which is sort of ironic, actually.  It’s the end of December in Minnesota, and this is what it looks like out our back window:

Snowless December

We have no snow!!! I kind of think we deserve a nice, mild winter though for having to put up with the hellish one last year!

Beginning of November last year

Anyway, back to the wreath, when the spray paint was still wet and sticky I sprinkled it with some epsom salts so that you’d really get the “snow effect”.  Once it was dried, I used some ribbon that we had leftover from decorating our Christmas tree and tied a bow to hang the it on the door.  I added a Christmas ornament that said “Peace.”  I’ve had the ornament since I was in college…so it didn’t cost me a dime at the present.

I thought it needed a little something else though, so I ran to Hobby Lobby quick.  They didn’t have much to choose from…at all!  So I ended up purchasing a little, red, beaded cardinal and some piece of fake evergreen with red glitter on it.  Total cost?  $1.50.

I hung it on the door using a 3M hanger dealy that I already had lounging around my “junk” drawer.

All in all I spent $6.50 out of pocket.  That’s like 1/2 the cost of a new styrofoam wreath!!!  Crazy!  Plus I feel even better about it because I used something that was someone else’s trash—I’m upcycling, baby!  Apparently, upcycling—turning trash into treasure—is all the rage right now.  So not only do I have a new, totally awesome holiday wreath…I’m also incredibly trendy!  That’s right. Trendy!

(I’ve linked this up @ Addicted to Decorating)


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