May Foodie Pen Pal

I almost forgot that it’s the day to post about my foodie pen pal goodies!

I first heard about the foodie pen pals through another blogger.  It sounded kind of interesting, and like it’d be a good way to connect with other people who love everything food related!

Lindsay, who blogs at The Lean Green Bean matches everybody up (there are well over 600 participants!), and then you contact the person you’re matched up with–to get the address to send the package, and make sure they’re not allergic to anything you plan on sending.

For more information–or to sign up, check out Lindsay’s post HERE.

The Lean Green Bean

This month I was matched with Jennifer, a blog reader from Florida and Cate, a blogger from Georgia.  Duluth, Georgia-actually (how cool!  I lived in Duluth, Minnesota for 5 years!).

I was to send Jennifer a package, and receive one from Cate.

Jennifer is very much into leading a healthy-lifestyle, so I sent her all sorts of nuts (she said she absolutely loved nuts!), some chia seed chunks, chocolate, and Indian spices!   I hope she loved her package and that she gives the spice mixes a try!

Now, on to the goodies…

Cate blogs at Eat.Pray.Run.  …and she sent me loads of awesome stuff!

I got 2 granola bars, some honey mints, gum, a soup and a pizza mix, freeze-dried bananas (my niece loved these!), some water flavoring …and some mushroom jerky.  That’s right folks, mushroom jerky.

I used to really enjoy beef jerky, but haven’t eaten it in years.  I’ve previously tried soy jerky–which was ok, so I was excited to try the mushroom version.  It was hot…and yummy!  A nice alternative to the regular beef kind (which I no longer eat).

The things I loved the most were definitely the granola bars and the honey mints.

These bars were amazing, and I’ve got to find out where to buy them in Rochester.  No luck at the co-0p, so I might end up ordering a box online.

The mints were different–in a good way.  I really liked them.  they were bittersweet chocolate (almost tasted like baking chocolate, actually) with a filling made of honey and a little peppermint extract.  I shall be replicating these soon…

All in all, this month’s foodie pen pal was awesome!  Thank you, Cate for all the cool treats! …and thank you Lindsay, for putting it all together!


7 thoughts on “May Foodie Pen Pal

  1. mylistmylovesmylife

    Definitely going to join! Sounds like a blast and such a great idea! Gotta love interesting food finds… Mushroom jerky? Who would have thought?!

  2. undressmewithyourfork

    This is such a cute idea!! I’m brand new to the world of foodie-blogging and loved that this post was my introduction 🙂


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