R.I.P. Laptop

One of my worst fears as a blogger has finally come true.

Without any warning my three year old laptop decided it was time to die.  …At least, I think it’s dead.  Maybe  Hopefully it’s just on an extended (well deserved?) vacation.

I checked my email and uploaded some photos for a new blog post before I went to work, and all was well.

I left for work and Piyush left to play some golf.

When he got home, he flipped open the laptop and…. nothing.

The machine turns on, but the battery will not charge properly and the screen won’t light up.

On the bright side (there’s always a bright side), at least it didn’t crash.

On the sad side (there’s usually a sad side), my poor little blog is going to suffer for a little while. 

It’s true, I could just go purchase a new laptop and get back to work.  But instead, I’m hoping to coax my laptop out of retirement soon.

Hopefully My Fancy Pantry will be back with new posts (and photos) soon!





6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Laptop

  1. g'ma

    Your computer engineer will figure something out, sorry it happened but I know what that’s like when it goes down. Good luck at getting it up and going again.


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