Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to leave a quick update for you all since it seems I’ve disappeared from the blog-world lately!

First things first, I’ve started a new job within Mayo.  Although exciting, it’s been a huge shift in my schedule and my body has been trying to adapt to waking up at 5:30am–and unfortunately for me–4:30am this week! I am definitely NOT a morning person!  I’ve still been cooking and I’ve still been taking photos of my “creations,” I just haven’t had the time to upload and blog everything.

Hopefully I can find a routine soon!  Once my training period is done, my schedule will be more regular and will allow me more time to blog.  Yippee!

Some things to look forward to:

Indian Style Cabbage

Spiced Black Beans

Spiced Black Beans

and I’m also excited to share with you all a re-count of the grand opening of my lovely friend’s new business: CityFoodStudio in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

There were so many amazingly talented food entrepreneurs giving samples of their products!  Everything from tempeh and jam to gluten-free baked goods and peanut butter! Piyush and I also attended and served up some chole masala and mango lassi to hopefully drive some interest in Indian cooking classes!


We figured on enough samples for about 150 people (there was a LOT of cooking to be done!), but the event was so successful and the turnout was amazing…so sadly, we ran out of food before everyone could have a taste!

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