Making Cookies


I’m testing a new cookie recipe, not sure if I love it yet or not.  I guess I’ll just have to help myself to another! 

What do you love the most about a cookie?  Soft vs. Crispy? 


4 thoughts on “Making Cookies

  1. Jo Blogs

    It has to be chewy for me – I like them quite thick around the edge with a chew to them then when you get to the middle, I like them to have a little goo/unbaked vibe going on. Chunks are always welcome – be them chocolate, morsels, dried fruit or nuts! Sally’s Baking Addiction is my favourite source of inspiration for cookies and my strawberry milkshake ones were inspired by her

  2. prettypolymath

    A chewy cookie is the best- crisp around the edges and soft in the middle! The best of both worlds. FYI You can get this by increasing the brown sugar and decreasing the amount of white sugar in a recipe! Excited to check out your final recipe!


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