I’m a Crazy Canner

I love canning.  It’s no secret.  I have shelves upon shelves to prove it.

I’ve been neglecting my little blog lately, but I have a good reason.

Canned roma tomatoes

Fresh produce waits for no one!  

All my free time lately has gone to preserving fruits and vegetables for the winter.

Bear with me, dear readers, I promise I have some wonderful recipes to share with you.  Including some new, fabulous curry recipes!


4 thoughts on “I’m a Crazy Canner

  1. Allison

    Nice! Would you consider posting your recipe/tips for canning tomatoes? That’s something I’ve still never canned… Looking forward to your curry recipes : )

      1. Allison

        Yay, awesome! I just found out today that my CSA is offering a special deal– something like $15 for a flat of 10 pounds of tomatoes– and I can’t decide whether to reserve some or not…

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