Fish Pakoras: Spiced Up Fish Fry Recipe {Gluten-Free!}

Pakoras (fried vegetable or meat fritters) are one of my family’s most favorite Indian snacks.  Not only are pakoras crispy, salty and down-right delicious, but they’re the perfect compliment to a steaming glass of masala chai. **Bonus!**

They can also be made with nearly anything. Veggies, meats, legumes…

What more can one hope for?

When Piyush’s parents were visiting here a few years ago, Maa would occasionally fry tilapia fillets and we’d have them for lunch or tiffin.

Funny Story: Sometimes we’d try to eat healthy and bake the fillets. We’d smother them with spices, making them as flavorful as we could-while still keeping them relatively healthy. Maa hated the baked fish and would eat the rest of her dinner, saving the fish to fry the next day!

The fried fillets were delicious. Simple, but packed full of flavor. I was pregnant with Arjun at the time and couldn’t get enough! They’re like fish-sticks, only fancier!

If you’re looking for a simple, yet special, fish recipe that even your kids will love–try making fish pakoras!

They’re the perfect, spiced up, alternative to the “All American” fish fry.

Get the recipe below!

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New Post! Updated Shrimp Curry with Coconut Milk Recipe: Chingri Malai Curry

Finally, a new post! It’s been forever.

{Sorry about that!}

I’ve decided that My Fancy Pantry needed a bit of an update.  So much has changed in my life.  I’m still cooking (a LOT!), but now I’m also a mom to two little boys!

stay at home mom

I returned to this space to start blogging, but I just wasn’t feeling the love.

So, I’ve recently started a new blog, Spiced Up Mom, which will showcase both my love for cooking as well as my adventures in motherhood.

I hope you give it a look.  There’s not a lot there at the moment, but I’m working on that.  If you like what you see, please follow along!  I’d love for you to subscribe or follow me on social media.

I love instagram and post there often.  You can find me @spicedupmom

To get my updated Shrimp Malai Curry recipe, please click on the photo below.  This Shrimp Curry is amazing. Trust me. You’re not going to want to miss it!

Not only does it taste really good but it is also so quick to make.  Dinner can be on the table in 20 minutes! As a busy mom, that’s something I appreciate!

shrimp malai curry recipe


This little blog has been severely neglected for quite some time (sorry! ), but for good reason.

Actually there are a few reasons,  but I’d like to introduce you to the main culprit:

Meet Arjun.  My sweet baby boy!


Arjun is now 1 month old and I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again.  My energy is returning and I’m finally feeling like cooking again.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and a very fast labor,


A few hours befor I went into labor--on Saraswati Puja


Time to have this baby!

but I suffered with extremely low blood pressure which caused me to have absolutely no energy until after Arjun was born. 


The night Arjun was born

I seldom cooked while I was pregnant, and my doctors actually put me on a junk food diet to try and increase my pressure so that I wouldn’t need fluid infusions every week.

Now that Arjun has begun to develop a routine (kind of…),


I’m hoping to start cooking and sharing some new recipes!

Mango Date Chutney with a Bengali Touch

It’s the end of May, and I’m so happy to announce that Winter has finally decided to leave Minnesota!  In all my memory–granted, that’s a little less than 30 years–I have never suffered through such a horrible, never-ending season.  It was terrible.

The -60 degree F (-51.1 degrees C, for all you non-American peeps out there) windchills not only made life miserable for me (actually, this winter life was miserable for nearly everyone!) but it also took it’s toll on my beautiful gardens.

Sadly, my beloved lavender plant did not survive.  It’s dead stems are still protruding out of the ground and I keep hoping maybe–just maybe–they’ll send out some new, green shoots.  So far, no luck.

I’ve been meaning to get a few new posts up on this space for quite a while now, but I’ve just been so busy with cleaning the yard/gardens, mulching, and planting.  I keep telling Piyush that he gets the better end of the deal.  He pays for the supplies and I do all the labor while he’s out golfing.  Haha…after all, a happy marriage is all about compromise!

bengali mango and date chutneyLast week our local market had mangoes on sale.  The mangoes we get here in Minnesota are mostly tasteless and I don’t really enjoy to eat them plain as a snack. However, they do star wonderfully in a delicious, homemade chutney!

Typically (or at least what Piyush tells me), in India mango chutney is made with green, unripe mangoes.  But because ours have little flavor I always choose to let them ripen until they’re at their sweetest.

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Making Cookies


I’m testing a new cookie recipe, not sure if I love it yet or not.  I guess I’ll just have to help myself to another! 

What do you love the most about a cookie?  Soft vs. Crispy? 


Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to leave a quick update for you all since it seems I’ve disappeared from the blog-world lately!

First things first, I’ve started a new job within Mayo.  Although exciting, it’s been a huge shift in my schedule and my body has been trying to adapt to waking up at 5:30am–and unfortunately for me–4:30am this week! I am definitely NOT a morning person!  I’ve still been cooking and I’ve still been taking photos of my “creations,” I just haven’t had the time to upload and blog everything.

Hopefully I can find a routine soon!  Once my training period is done, my schedule will be more regular and will allow me more time to blog.  Yippee!

Some things to look forward to:

Indian Style Cabbage

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Simple and Delicious Gobi Sabzi: Indian Spiced Cauliflower

indian spiced cauliflower, fried cauliflower, cauliflower sabziThere are certain foods that have the fascinating ability to transport me to another place and time.  Sometimes it’s the taste of a fragrant, freshly baked slice of bread.  One bite and I’m nine years old, back in my grandmother’s farm kitchen giggling with my cousins.  Oh how I miss my cousins…

Other times it’s one sip of a cheap keg beer at a friend’s wedding causing me to remember my college days and all the (embarrassingly fun) moments with long-lost friends whom I’ll probably never cross paths with again (even you, crazy Toby!).

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