Fish Pakoras: Spiced Up Fish Fry Recipe {Gluten-Free!}

Pakoras (fried vegetable or meat fritters) are one of my family’s most favorite Indian snacks.  Not only are pakoras crispy, salty and down-right delicious, but they’re the perfect compliment to a steaming glass of masala chai. **Bonus!**

They can also be made with nearly anything. Veggies, meats, legumes…

What more can one hope for?

When Piyush’s parents were visiting here a few years ago, Maa would occasionally fry tilapia fillets and we’d have them for lunch or tiffin.

Funny Story: Sometimes we’d try to eat healthy and bake the fillets. We’d smother them with spices, making them as flavorful as we could-while still keeping them relatively healthy. Maa hated the baked fish and would eat the rest of her dinner, saving the fish to fry the next day!

The fried fillets were delicious. Simple, but packed full of flavor. I was pregnant with Arjun at the time and couldn’t get enough! They’re like fish-sticks, only fancier!

If you’re looking for a simple, yet special, fish recipe that even your kids will love–try making fish pakoras!

They’re the perfect, spiced up, alternative to the “All American” fish fry.

Get the recipe below!

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