Masala Bread Upma: Indian Comfort Food

Masala Bread Upma

As the seasons begin to change and the leaves fall from the trees, I am no longer happy with simple sandwiches or cold cereals at breakfast-time.  Instead, I find myself craving warm and satisfying meals. I want comfort food…and this Masala Bread Upma is just that.

I created this dish using King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls; and let me tell you, their subtle sweetness compliments the warm Indian spices perfectly!

You can learn more about this dish and check out the recipe on the King’s Hawaiian Blog

I hope everyone had a very happy and adventurous Halloween!  Time just flies by so quickly.  Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here…and I’ll be another year closer to 30!  YIKES!


14 thoughts on “Masala Bread Upma: Indian Comfort Food

      1. tokyomike55

        Actually, these posts are from back in 2010…I was just too busy to actually edit the video I took. I’m based just outside of Tokyo, so in Asia…but not really (Japan is its own version of Asia). lol

      2. Shari Post author

        haha I’m quite observant, aren’t I? I had no idea they were from 2010.

        I’ve never been to Japan, yet. One of my good friends lives and works there. Someday I’ll make it there to visit.

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