Enjoying India

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Piyush and I are still enjoying our time in India and we’ll be here only 5 more days, so we’ve been ultra-busy.  I’m sad that our trip is coming to an end, but I’m also excited to share some of our adventures with you all!

We’ve traveled throughout Kerala, survived (barely!) the crazy roads leading to Manali, and celebrated many festivals while we’ve been here.


Durga Puja: very important festival in West Bengal


Happy Diwali! 

We’ve introduced our family to both French omelettes and crepes (with nutella and bananas!)

Simple French Omelette

Simple French Omelette

And we’ve enjoyed more chai than you could possibly imagine:

chaiI’ve been lucky enough to learn many wonderful, new recipes…and I’m excited to try and recreate them here for you to try as well!

Until next time…



8 thoughts on “Enjoying India

      1. Shari Post author

        Leila (what a beautiful name! My grandmother’s name is Lela also–I think pronounced the same),

        I LOVED Kerala. I could spend years there, really. Munnar was incredible, Varkala was chill…all the cities we visited I loved. The food, the people, the land…ahhh…I wish I could go back!

  1. Nala-S

    Oooh – I envy you traveling to India – I wish I could visit sometime. I’m looking forward to the new recipes you’ve discovered!

  2. The Knitterly Hooker

    Thanks so much for this! I can’t wait for your recipes! I went to India last year, and everyday since my return to USA , I want to go back! India is beautiful! I wanted to go to Kerala and get some ayurvedic treatments, next time you go, pack me in your suitcase!


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