Pear, Honey and Blue Cheese Appetizer Toasts

Sometimes I crave blue cheese.  Seriously.  It’s all I want, and I can’t be happy until I have a taste. This particular day I purchased an amazing local blue goat cheese.  As soon as I saw it, nothing else would suffice.  Blue goat cheese?  Yes, please!

Beautiful hunk of blue cheese love

I also picked up a french baguette–there just wasn’t enough time to make my own.  I’m a glutton and wanted gratification instantly.  There wasn’t time for any of that rising or kneading or baking business.  No, siree.

I cut my baguette into slices–about a half inch thick.  The bread slices were placed on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, then I drizzled the bread with a little olive oil.

I couldn’t be bothered to take the time and brush it on evenly, ensuring my bread would toast evenly.  You know, I have no patience when I’m hungry!

Before popping these lovelies in the oven, I topped each baguette slice with a small wedge of raw pear.

ready for the oven!

I turned the oven to broil (again, I wanted these suckers in my tummy ASAP!), and sprinkled some crumbles of blue cheese on top of the baguette slices.

I poured myself a glass of delicious red wine (a Malbec–my favorite!) and waited for the bread to get crispy and the cheese to get a little melty.

Once the toasts looked ready–in a few minutes–I popped them out of the oven and drizzled them with one of my absolute favorite ingredients.  Lavender Honey.  Not just any lavender honey though.  This is my favorite:

I’ve got to tell you, these things were amazing!  They’re crunchy.  They’re sweet.  They’re pungent.  They’re everything I dreamed…and more!



24 thoughts on “Pear, Honey and Blue Cheese Appetizer Toasts

  1. laurelstein27

    They sound amazing!!! I might have to make my own sometime! And I get cravings for blue cheese too. My boyfriend hates it :p

  2. Kiki

    What a fantastic combination – I’d even try the blue goat cheese, didn’t know that existed. With a craving and a vision of this in your head, no wonder you couldn’t wait for it to be ready :-).

    1. Shari Post author

      It was a fabulous little snack! I have made something similar before…using phyllo shells, stuffing them with a blue cheese and chopped pear mixture. Topped with little pear slivers and drizzled with honey.

      Elegant and Delicious!

  3. Allison

    Nice combination of flavors! I loooove cheese, but blue cheese is not my favorite among all the cheeses out there. This looks great, though! I bet I’d love it served like this. 🙂

  4. explodyfull

    I am sensing a theme here – my partner also hates blue cheese but he loves all other types of cheeses! My flatmate has been buying a lot of blue cheese so it’s starting to grow on me bit by bit. Blue cheese and pear sound like a nice mix.

  5. ROR

    I just discovered you and I think you’re BRILLIANT! (I was looking for a recipe for a pizza involving figs and caramelized onions) You’re officially in my feed reader so I’ll be coming back!


  6. havepulsewilltravel

    Love the look and idea of that Lavender honey……will have to investigate if it is available in Australia? It should be given we have plenty of honey producers and loads of lavender! Thanks for the great cheesy, baguettey tip….YUM!

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  8. Claire in NZ

    Currently satisfying my late night craving with chunks of creamy blue drizzled with some good NZ clover honey. Ran out of bread so am filling in the blanks by reading this! FANTASTIC work – will be trying with grilled pear for sure.

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