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Anda Curry (Egg Curry)…My way!

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Anda Curry is one of Piyush’s favorite dinners.  It’s inexpensive, incredibly quick to throw together and is super simple to make! In fact, it’s so easy that Piyush is usually the one who makes this dish for himself–although his recipe is completely different than mine.  He likes his curries “watery” and I prefer mine thick.  Tomato, Tuhmahto. 

The hardest part to this curry is cooking the eggs, and even that is easy if you know a few tricks. Continue reading


Black Truffle, Prosciutto and Purple Potato Fritatta

I have so much I’d like to write about tonight, but the words just won’t flow.  Have you ever had a day like that?  It’s frustrating, to say the least.

This past Saturday and Sunday was my scheduled weekend to work; and man, was it a doozy.

Working at a hospital is hard.  Really hard.

Emotions–of all types–surround you everywhere you go.  There’s no escape.  Seriously.  I’ve even seen people crying or trying to hide in the stairwells because they were so overwhelmed with emotion.

You may see a family weeping in the hallways or comforting each other with tears in their eyes and hope in their hearts one moment.  A few minutes later–maybe even simultaneously, or just a few steps away–there may be another family celebrating good news with ringing laughter and ice cream cakes.

If you work in a hospital, you understand.  If you don’t, my rambling may make absolutely no sense; and for that, I apologize.

Now that I’ve got that somewhat out of my system, I’d like to introduce you to dinner!

I made this simple frittata in a manner of minutes using ingredients I had on hand and “dressing them up” with the very special addition of fresh black truffle.

Italian Summer Black Truffles

A little goes a long way with these suckers.  They have a really strong smell and impart a fantastic, earthy flavor into a dish.

I decided to thinly slice the truffles and add them to a fritatta along with a little diced prosciutto, boiled purple potatoes and chopped parsley.

I love how beautiful the inside of the truffle is. I find it almost hypnotizing.

I whisked 6 eggs with a little salt and pepper.  I added my other ingredients to the mix and got a oven-safe pan on the stove top.

I added a bit of oil to the pan.  Once it was nice and hot, I added my egg mixture.  I cooked it the same way one would cook an omelet, and once the eggs were about 2/3 of the way cooked…I tossed them in the oven–under the broiler.

The eggs cooked in the oven for approximately 2 minutes before my fritatta was finished.  Easy!

Coming out of the oven…

Once I pulled the fritatta from the oven, I scattered a bunch of fresh truffle slices on top (I used 2 decent-sized truffles for my fritatta).


Because I used an enormous pan, my fritatta was really thin–more like an omelet, I’d say.

I served my fritatta with a simple side salad and some fresh fruit.


It kind of looks like a colorful pie there, doesn’t it?

Ohh…pie.  That reminds me.

There is a fabulous food event coming to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in September.  It’s called The Food Experiments, and I’ve got to say…I’m really excited to be taking part!  It looks like a lot of fun.  Pie.  Beer.  Shenanigans.  What could be better?!

Check out their website (linked above), and if you’re in the area…you should snag some tickets before they’re sold out! Or, if you’re feeling quite daring, sign up to compete!

 After the great success of the 2011 National Tour, the Food Experiments will be bringing the show to Minnesota on September 30, 2012. It will be the twelfth stop on our 16 city tour, in which we bring together amateur chefs to create inventive takes on the event theme for a panel of local celebrity judges and an audience of food enthusiasts.


Not So Fancy Frittata

We eat a lot of eggs in this household.  They probably comprise about 25% of our meals, now that I think about it, and we always have a dozen or two on hand. When we want some food quickly and I don’t feel like standing over the stove for hours and hours on end (am I being a little too dramatic?), I can usually crack a few eggs and have supper finished in no time (I can also crack a few eggs and have some cookies…or creme brulee in no time too, but that’s another story!).

Aside from being convenient, eggs are also quite beautiful in that they’re so diverse.   I can’t think of any other ingredient that can be prepared over 100 different ways, taste completely different, and you can still recognize what it was in its original form.  How beautiful is that!?

I didn’t really feel like cooking a nice dinner tonight.  It’s my day off.  I had absolutely nothing planned today.  It’s not often that I have no idea what to do with myself, and although I could have spent all day making some fabulous food…I just didn’t want to.  Before you start thinking about how lazy I am, let me just reassure you that I did change out of my pajamas.  I brushed my teeth too!  I even made it out of the house today, and managed to do the dishes!  So, the day wasn’t lost completely.  I mixed up some bread and I even went thrifting.

I love thrifting.  You never know what you might find.  Once, a couple months ago, I found a Le Crueset Bistro Grill Pan.  This pan retails for around $120, and it’s been on my wish list since I discovered my love of cooking.  It was calling to me as soon as I walked through the doors of the store, and begged me to save it from being surrounded by mismatched storage bowls and containers full of butcher knives (scary!).  The pan looked pretty new, like it had been used once and the previous owner had no idea how to properly clean it, is my guess.  It was even the same color as my cast iron pan (awesome!).  But the best part, it had a price tag of $2.50.  SOLD!  Today I didn’t find anything nearly that cool, but I did get a new winter jacket.  Okay, not new…but new to me!  It’s at the dry cleaner as we speak.  I also found Piyush some new golf shirts.  They still had the tags on them and were major brand name steals.  $4 for a $90 dollar shirt…tags still attached, yes please!  Anyway…

When I got home I realized that the bread dough I had mixed together was ready to be shaped.  It had risen so much that it was like 6″ taller than the bowl.  Oops!  Luckily I had covered it with plastic wrap before I put the lid on so it didn’t get all crusty.  Piyush got home from golfing so I asked him to help me.  Afterall, the rolls were actually for him to take to work tomorrow to share, so I thought it was appropriate for him to learn how to shape buns.  He did a good job!

While the rolls rested for their final rising, I threw dinner together.  I’ve never made a frittata but it sounded good and was even healthy (not to mention cheap!)  You could really add anything you wanted to the frittata, it’s definitely nothing fancy.  I used some ham that I chopped up, a carton of mushrooms, arugula, some herbs I had laying around and goat cheese.  Oh how I love goat cheese!

I sauted the ham, mushrooms and arugula in a little olive oil until I was satisfied with their doneness.

Then, I added 6 eggs that I had beaten with a little salt, pepper and cheese into the mix.  I let it cook until it just began to set, then popped it into the oven which was set on “broil”.   This dinner came together so quick, probably less than 15 minutes.  When it was done I cut it into 8 triangle pieces.  It looked like an egg pizza!

It was awesome!  It was also so filling that I only had one piece.  That leaves leftovers for breakfast/lunch tomorrow!

Oh, yeah...I also had a hot roll with a little jam!

What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?